Monday, September 04, 2006

Well, one childhood hero is dead.

According to Yuko Narushima from Steve Irwin (The Crocodile Hunter)was killed Sept. 4th when a stingray barb pierced his heart. The attack would have been ``like being stabbed in the heart,'' Geoff Isbister, a clinical toxinologist at Newcastle's Mater hospital said in a statement distributed by the Australian Science Media Centre.

Well then, R.I.P. Steve Irwin 1962-2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006


Helllllo everyone!

Much apologies all around because of my absence latley. I don't really have an excuse except for writers block. I'm still not completley inspired but i'll give my best shot.

School. The one word which ever kid from 11 to 18 really does not want to hear. It's deffanitley (spelling?) not something I want to hear come late August. When I start seeing the back to school ads, my mind instantly goes into denial. I think to myself "Nope, didn't hear it. Just change the channel and be done with it." Then when really late August rolls around, I just dive deeper into denial. It's not a fun thing going back to school (especially when you're going to a new school or high school...ugh.) Because I think everyone reading this knows the feeling of "Oh shit i'm in a new place I don't know anybody or what i'm supposed to do." I know i've had that feeling. What made me want to fight back (somewhat) valiantly against writers block, was the fact that I was talking to my friend Rodrigo a couple days ago and we were reminiscing (spelling?) about when he transfered to Strath Haven. I remember my homeroom teacher (Dan Connor's mom!) said "hey everyone shut up for a minute." (I kid you not)"We have a new student in our class his name is Rodrigo." He had that look on his face "Oh shit I don't know anyone here or what i'm supposed to do." Dun Dun Dunnnnn... He told me that he fought is way through the first day being really quiet and trying to observe the other kids in the other classes and just stay alive.

The kids that I hang out with at lunch generally sit near the enterence just because that's where we sat on the first day and dammit we're not moving. Anyway, Rodrigo walked down into the lunchroom and had that same look on his face. So I yelled to him (and I quote) "HEY ROD! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE AND SIT DOWN." He looked over and recognized me from homeroom so he came and sat down. We re-arranged some people and started asking him about where he came from and what it was like there. Basiclly we all knew, without looking at eachother that we needed to make this kid feel comfterable even if we end up hating him. So we were getting along just dandy and then we started talking about music. For those that know me, that is my thing. Music. When we realized that we both had the same common interests (metal, thrash metal. Psychadellic rock.) I knew that he was sitting here for life.

So my point is here, if you could distinguish it through all my writers block induced junk: If everyone out there just extended that little itsy bitsy bit of courtesy then I think we would not have problems such as gang fights or maybe even something more extreme. Whew, that was a tough colum/ post and i'll try to post more often and work through my writers block.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Hey everyone,

I'm sure we've all heard about this horrible genocide that's going on in Darfur. Well, today (5/2/06) some college students from Swarthmore College came to our school to talk about it. They did a great job explaining the severity of the situation and really made me want to act (even more then things such as global warming) I posted an e-mail to my Mom and she obviously knows the right people to send it to, also on MySpace, and now here. If it helps your decision to support the end of this horrible genocide, check out

you can buy a postcard and contribute to the Million Voices in Darfur campaign. If it helps, Angelina Jolie and George Clooney support it.


Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The Wide World Of Sports...

Hello everyone,

So A while back (say...5 months?) My friends started hounding me to play baseball...Now I had played baseball a LOT when I was a kid...Mom always tells storys about playing with Brendan. Anywhoo, I went out for the team and lo and behold (random question: Lo and Behold or Lone Behold?) I made it...then I realized they don't cut anyone...Anway my coach put me in the outfield in our first game...And i've never played outfield honestly... But I made do and tried to get out there and yell some suppourt (and yell loud...damn right field is far away) anyway a ball was hit to me and I got it a threw it in...and right when I threw it in my shoulder went (and I quote) "SCHHRICNCH." Ouch. Anyway turns out via a diagnosis from a sports medacine doc that I have torn my rotator cuff (Help! I've fallen and I can't move my arm to get up!) Anyway, looks like i'll be doing physical therapy for a while...And apparently I've got a disease called "Ellers Danlose" (spelling?)syndrome...from what I can gather it means that I'm supremley flexible...whatever I always thought my shoulder blades were suppoused to go six inches out of my back...anywhoo the doc was so amazed by that they they took video footage of my flexing my shoulder blades. That's all for now.


Sunday, April 02, 2006

Day one...

Hey everyone,

First day of Vegetarianism (spelling?) wasn't as bad as I thought... not that I thought it was bad at all but work with me here...anyway...the only part where I had to deal with the forbidden substance (meat) was when my Dad asked me if I wanted to have some pasta that he made that had hot Italian sausage in it (damn that was tempting that stuff is the shit) but, honestly it wasn't that bad I just had to pretty much eat what I wanted but not have any of the normal meat products that I would normally have...Something tells me that this month shouldn't be to hard!

Props to Steph for giving me the idea!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

It's Decided!

Hey there everyone!

I decided that i'm doing the vegetarian thing for a month (April.) So I was just checking in and ASKING POLITLEY (!) For everyone to submit or summarize their favorite vegetarian recepies (THAT INCLUDES YOU BRENDAN!) Anywhoo, I'm looking forward to trying (yes i'll try them) them.


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Silence the violence...Increase the PEACE

Hey there everyone.

I was talking to my friends (Yes I have friends) at lunch yesterday. We got started on the subject of vegetarianism (spelling?) And, you know me, i'm always open to new experiences with food (kidding.) But this time it seemed like a good idea. So I just wanted to get some feedback and see if I should try vegetarianism for...say a month? Maybe...April! Or, If I get an overwhelming response i'll try the end of march also!